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Ice Water: An American Thing?

June 26, 2011

Big ass pizza!!

We girlz beg this question after our unassuming first solo meal in London. We went to a nice little Italian “ristorante” called Lulivo near our hotel and began our eating-out-in-london etiquette lessons. First, water–much less ice water– is not a given. Nor are refills. If you ask for such blasphemous requests, you will be quickly scoffed at. In the words of our waiter: “States people always drink water”. And here I was thinking that the rest of the world enjoys a thirst quenching, ice-cold glass of water. Second, EVERYTHING– yes, even pizza, is eaten with a knife and fork. This increases the difficulty level and success of getting the food from the plate to your mouth to about IMPOSSIBLE. Third, you can sit in a restaurant until your butt is sore, but the bill will never arrive unless you ask for it. We probably sat in this restaurant, half passed out from our lack of sleep and half passed out from our finally full bellies, for over 30 minutes. Not until a passing waitress caught our uneasy, questioning glances did she ask if we needed something.

"Wait...we're getting a pitcher of PIMPS?!" "No Claire, PIMMS. Not PIMPS."

The next night for dinner, we girlz and three of our study abroad friends decided to explore the neighborhood around our accommodations. We found this adorable little bistro called the Grand Union with an amazing rooftop patio. We ordered a pitcher of Pimm’s cocktails and ate ourselves silly with “chips”, burgers, pizza, and salad. It was DELICIOUS.

And finally, today, for a “traditional British Sunday brunch”, our study abroad advisor took us all out to a local pub/restaurant called “The Three Stags“. We all enjoyed a traditional “roast” and amazing desserts.

Picture this degree of yumminess in male form and you'll have the waiter.

PLUS, there was a wonderfully delicious looking waiter, all dark and tan and rugged with piercing blue eyes. Forget appetizers. I’d like an order of him.

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  1. Janie permalink
    June 26, 2011 6:47 pm

    Yes, unlike the rest of the world, America is a strange place where ice water is expected, the standard measuring system is still used, and sweat pants tucked into Uggs are worn to class.

    A few questions I have about the British way of eating:
    1. If fries are called chips, then what are chips called?
    2. Do you guys have to tip?
    3. Do they eat chips (fries) with mayo like Germans do?
    4. Do they use to-go bags for leftovers? In Germany it’s considered kind of weird.

    • June 27, 2011 11:35 am

      Dear Sister,

      1. Chips are called “crisps”
      2. We don’t HAVE to tip, but generally tip is only about 10 %.
      3. No, they eat them with malt vinegar. Narsty.
      4. No to go bags. 😦 You either have to eat errything or wrap stuff up in napkins (like me!)

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