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Ducks Don’t Have Eyes…. But Swans Do!

July 2, 2011

Yesterday, Claire, Em, Bailey A, Lauren S, Emily J, and I went on a day trip to Oxford!! We took a bus–worst decision EVER. I was car sick the ENTIRE way and on the brink of vom[it]ing, but at long last we arrived in this quaint little college town. First we had to settle my stomach so we went to “Cafe Loco”and had a delicious brunch of waffles, paninis, and croissants.

we are geese sheperds

After we had our fill, we wandered towards Christ Church College— the college where Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderlan and also houses the Great Hall that appears in the first few Harry Potter movies. However, since the hall didn’t open for visitors until later in the afternoon, we decided to mosy around the grounds. We saw a little, brown shack that we deemed fit as Hagrid’s hut and a strange, knotty tree that we declared the original Whomping Willow.  We also found a few ox (very fitting considering we were in Oxford), the CUTEST little squirrel (the first I’ve seen in England), and an enormous flock of geese/ducks (which we chased). I even got bit by one of the Mallards. No, it didn’t hurt. Yes, we all screamed anyways. Finally, we journeyed back towards the college and explored the cathedral and the hall. We felt like we were in Hogwarts! When we were finished exploring, we made our way towards the shopping area and I bought an Oxford sweatshirt. Since we couldn’t decide what to do after that, we asked if we could take an earlier bus back to London. A nasty exchange ensued between Claire and the Evil Bus Man, but in the end we were forced to stay until the time on our ticket so we waited a while at a cafe and then lounged in a bookstore. Three hours later, we were on the bus back to Lambeth. On the brink of collapse, we straggled into bed.

Not enough time later, Claire, Em, and I dragged our sore, sleepy butts out of bed to continue our England Adventures and took the train to Windsor to visit the Queen’s home and see the changing of the guards. When we got there and realized everything costs money (that we don’t have), all we saw was the outside of the castle and the small parade of the guards going into the castle to “change”. Dissatisfied with this experience

our future residence

and starving, we ate lunch at Thai Terrace and then decided to go down to the Thames and feed the swans. Best. Decision. Ever. Looking back at the past two days, I’m pretty sure we had the most fun messing around with animals–which costs us no money. Then we went on a 40 minute boat ride down the river, which lulled us to a hazy, sleepy state. We got a quick energy boost in the form of cupcakes, chocolate croissants, and lattes. When we felt rejuvenated enough to walk, we went back to the train station and took the earliest train back to Lambeth. Now we’re enjoying a well deserved rest from vacation until tomorrow when the adventures begin again!

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  1. Janie permalink
    July 3, 2011 12:23 pm

    You guys sound like you’re having an amazing time in London. Keep up the frequent picture and blog updates…it allows me to live vicariously through you.

    What has been your favorite part of London so far? What are you excited to see/try next?

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