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Bye Bye Miss American Pie

July 4, 2011

After our two day-trips to Oxford and Windsor and our first week in London (!!), Em, Claire, and I were EXHAUSTED- both mentally and physically. I had a nervous breakdown on the train back from Windsor when at one point, I was the epitome of “girl” and “hormones” as I was hysterically crying and laughing at the same time. But after a good–long– night’s sleep, we felt refreshed and ready to take on our Sunday. Claire and Em went to the library to write their essays for their classes, while I stayed behind and worked on my online school work for the Composition II class I’m also taking this summer at Johnson County Community College. When we felt we couldn’t focus on academics anymore, we decided to go to the British Museum and then get dinner. I ran all by myself across the Thames and through London, getting slightly lost along the way (I missed the turn onto Drury Lane. No- the Muffin Man does NOT live there. And yes, everyone really should click on the link to the Muffin Man), and successfully met up with C and E!! However, running in London really only consists of quickly dodging around people, cars, and busses. I might have to reconsider doing it again. Still, I was so proud of myself and felt wonderfully rejuvenated after my “run”. The British Museum was interesting and beautiful, but we were too antsy and hungry to stay for very long. The best part of the museum anyways, was just looking up through the glass dome and seeing the pigeons walking around. We found their peculiar way of moving around the roof very amusing for some reason, proving again my point that we find the most pleasure in watching the fauna of London. When that couldn’t hold

I have an unhealthy obsession with Chipotle

our attention for any longer, we walked to the only Chipotle in London! Might I say I was more than a little excited about this. My vegetarian burrito bowl was EXACTLY what I needed. Not only were their ingredients fresher than back home, they even let you choose between white and brown rice! I love their obsession with health. When we were done, we wandered towards SOHO and Chinatown. These were….interesting and not at all what I had imagined. Let’s just say they’re very open about sexuality in SOHO… Feeling less than comfortable, we quickly walked back home and stayed in for the rest of the night and tried to forget some of the things we saw by going to sleep early.

Today after class, Claire returned to the library. She is such a hard-working little bookworm. Emily and I, on the other hand, decided to be bad students and left her for King’s Cross Station: the rail station where Harry, Ron, and Hermione go to board the Hogwarts Express at Platform 9 3/4. We took a ridiculous amount of pictures and then got lost for 2 hours before finally finding our way back home.

Just going to Hogwarts, No big deal...

Today is also the FOURTH OF JULY! Somehow, I feel slightly traitorous being in this country today. Or at the very least disappointed that there won’t be fireworks and barbecues. Instead, we went out for a dinner of hamburgers and french fries. Then we did the most American college girl thing we could think of and went to the liquor store, loaded up on alcohol (fruity, girly drinks of course) and snacks, and drank and played card games in the dorm. I made a youtube montage of firework shows and a playlist of American-y songs (American Pie, God Bless the USA, Fireworks, Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, and God Bless America) and we watched our own little digital

Our "faux-th" of July

fireworks show in my kitchen. We turned the lights off and pretended we were back home for half an hour. Although we all enjoyed the show, it enevitably made us all home sick. I never thought I’d say this, but I actually miss America. Europe’s been amazing, but I miss toilets that actually flush, cars that will wait for you to cross the road and not try to hit you, and of course my Layla Bear Chen….and my parents and my sister. Of course. Because they are my actual human family and Layla’s “just a dog”…

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  1. Kim Jensen permalink
    July 4, 2011 6:28 pm

    Thanks for the wonderful update, Joyce!!!!!

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