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Stopping to Smell the Roses

July 10, 2011

We stopped and smelled the roses today, both figuratively and literally. We realized that exactly one week from today, we would no longer be together in London. With this realization, we decided to make the most of these last few days. Therefore, we reunited with Lauren S, Emily J, and Bailey A, and accepted the role of tourist and took a ridiculous amount of pictures at and visited Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery (where I fell in love with a Monet painting appropriately named Water Lillies, Setting Sun), and Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, Jamie’s Italian

On the Lions in Trafalgar Square

When we got back home (yes, we refer to our dorm as home now!), while the other three stayed in to work on their essays, Claire, Em, and I explored a new area of Lambeth. Our adventure began by going to the Imperial War Museum, which, even though is literally across the street from our dorms, we hadn’t been to yet. The gardens surrounding the museum were GORGEOUS and filled with so many flowers! So, we stopped and smelled the beautiful roses, lilacs, and lillies.

Smelling whatever flower this is...

Then we found this adorable park that we deemed fit for a wedding. Naturally, we decided to stage a wedding with Emily (the groom) and Claire (the bride). I acted as minister and performed the ceremony reminscent of the Princess Bride wedding. Though I think we could have stayed there all night, a playground across the park caught Claire’s eye. Having an unnatural obsesssion with swings, she bolted towards the swing set, with Emily and I struggling to keep up. Although we look like adults on the outside, we have the souls of five year olds. Swinging and climbing and seesawing may have been some of the most fun we’ve had the whole time we’ve been here. When our energy finally ran out, we kept walking which led to us getting lost.


Somehow, we ended back by the river, after passing a row of gay bars, and had to follow a crazy, drunk man who kept breaking out in song and dance back home.

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  1. Janie permalink
    July 10, 2011 8:19 pm

    Dude. So jealous you got to go to Scotland! Your trip sounded amazing and I’m glad that your posts were so full of detail. You almost made me feel like I was actually there…and not stuck in 101 degree Kansas, folding laundry, moving out of my apartment, and getting ready for work tomorrow…bleh.

    Enjoy your last week in Great Britain! I want to see lots more pictures and posts : )

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