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I’m On A Boat

July 14, 2011

I’ve walked an ungodly amount of miles in London. Never have I had so many constant aches and sores in my feet. Blister upon blister keep forming, but somehow I just keep on walkin’. Maybe it’s because I know I’m in London and love my journey to and from school. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m super stingy and don’t want to pay for the Tube. Maybe it’s a combination of both. Either way, I’ve put in more mileage on my legs in the past two days than I usually do in a week at home.

But first of all, here is my Almost-Taken story: I had walked to class on Wednesday morning since it’s only 2.5 miles away and I didn’t want to take the Tube. On my way there, I saw an adorable dress for ONLY FIVE POUNDS!!! hanging on a rack outside. I decided to try it on. I looked around and couldn’t find the story this rack of clothes belonged to, but then noticed a sign on a inconspicuous white door saying “Please knock loudly to look at more clothes as the doorbell is out of order”. So, I, being a dumbass, knock loudly on the door. An old Indian man opens the door and I ask if I can try on the dress. I walk in the “store”, which seems to be more like an illegal immigrant sweatshop, and notice two other Indian men and a woman with a bunch of fabric and sewing machines. He leads me to the back break room which is also the “dressing room”. I try on my clothes, terrified the whole time that there was a secret camera hidden somewhere, decide to buy the dress and come out. I hand him a ten and since he didn’t have change, he found another Indian man in a little office room who pulls out a HUGE roll of bills and hands him a crisp five. Needless to say, I grab the five and RUN out of there. Moral of the story. I am an idiot. But I’m an idiot with a cute dress.John, Paul, George, and the 3 Girlz

After I forced myself to finish my final paper for class (I still can’t believe my study part of study abroad is over!!!), I met up with Claire and Emily at Abbey Road. To see us making this historic walk, go to Abbey Road Studios, then “archives”, and click on the 6-7 PM time slot. We walk across at approximately 6:01!! I’m in a coral dress. You can’t miss me.

We meet up with our Study Abroad advisors and the rest of the group to go on a little canal boating trip through an area of London known as “Little Venice”. There was a buffet provided on board consisting of pizza, egg rolls, chicken fingers, potato wedges, bruschetta, sausages, and a cash bar.

Little Venice

This was our first booze cruise. Our second was on an enormous yacht-like party boat on the Thames today. There were three levels and even a dance floor! We partied hard for four hours. Although it felt like high school homecoming, it was actually the University of Westminster’s farewell party for us. 😦 When we are finally forced off the boat, Claire, Em and I slowly walk back home to Lambeth. We tried to enjoy the gorgeous London night as best as we could in spite of our bleeding, blistering feet. On the way we played on a street piano, parkour-ed on lamposts and benches, and took in all the beautiful London lights. I don’t want to leave!!!!! D:   Trip down the Thames

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  1. July 14, 2011 7:40 pm

    You can’t see us anymore, because it’s a new day. So, don’t go to that website. haha.

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