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Ape-ing Around

July 19, 2011

My brother from another mother. ❤

My first day in Gibraltar was exactly how I’d imagined it. After sleeping in late and eating a delicious meal of homemade food, Alfred and I set out for The Rock (no, not Alcatraz). The Rock of Gibraltar is an imposing, impressive cliff set right in the center of Gibraltar. Sitting at the peak, I take in the view. A few miles across the sea from the Rock and within sight, is Morocco. A few miles to the left is Spain. Straight down is the sea. And on my lap is a Barbary Ape.  It was one of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever had the opportunity of having.

My new child and Layla's new sister....or brother?

After the apes, we explored through St. Michael’s Cave. St. Michael’s Cave is a series of tunnels made up of beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. An ampitheatre has even been carved through the natural cavern. It was so cold in the cave, we could see our breath–a significant difference from the humid, 80+ degree weather. Finally, we hike down the mountain, exploring different paths and ruins along the way.

Cave of wonders!

My legs and butt are still sore from this two days later.

That night, I met some of Alfred’s childhood friends, Steven S (who looks JUST like Daniel Radcliffe), Steven’s girlfriend of 7 years(!!), Kathy M, and their other friends Gian and Sharan. We went out to a casino by the bay, had some drinks with the gorgeous setting sun by the sea, and then walked around the port, looking at the massive yachts, and dreaming of owning our own one day.

People watching on the beach

The next day, Alfred and I explored the main street for a while, trying to find my dad a souvenir, but failed in our attempts. So instead, we went out for Indian take-out. I got a vegetable curry, samosa, and naan for only 5 pounds! I’m in love with this place. Then we met up with his friends from the night before, plus Steven’s brother, David, and another friend, Nicky. We spent the entire day laying out in the sun, playing in the waves, and laughing the night away. We had pizza on the beach and watched the sun set behind the Rock.

By the time we got home, I had sand EVERYWHERE. No thanks to Alfred, who when we were playing soccer…er, I mean, “football”… accidentally missed the ball and kicked sand in my face instead. Thank you, Alfred. At home, I also finally met Alfred’s dad, who had just come home after coaching a rowing competition in Nottingham. The Morro’s are the cutest family ever. I feel like their adopted daughter. It’s a wonderful life. ❤

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