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Goodbye World

July 25, 2011

Da 3 Girlz’ European adventures are coming to an end.  Today is my last day in Gibraltar. I’m leaving this beautiful country and all of my new friends right as I started to settle down.

For the past week, everyday Alfred and I would eat a delicious lunch of either homemade Momma Morro food or some local take-away, then walk to the beach, stopping by a convenience store on the way to buy some drinks and snacks, then lay out until the sun went down behind the Rock. After the beach, we would come home for dinner and either a) go to da club, Savannah, with his friends or b) go to the Spanish Fair for churros and fair games or c) have dinner in Spain with his parents or d) go out for dinner and drinks with his friends or e) a combination of the other four. Life’s been perfect here.

I’m going to miss this continent. This trip definitely solidifed my future plans of living in Europe. The people, the culture, the adventures. And my dear Alfredito who’s like a perverse big brother. I’ll even miss his obnoxious faces, burps, farts, laughs, and inappropriate language. Hopefully I’ll be back next year doing my internship in Gibraltar!! But for now, it’s goodbye Europe and hello Kansas.

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