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Da 3 Blind Mice

In fact, we are actually 3 human girls with perfect vision…more or less…who are studying abroad in London for the summer. “Da 3 Blind Mice” is a completely random name we decided on after Claire got extremely excited about it. We are 20 years old, go to Kansas State University and though hardly a day goes by without us all talking or hanging out, we couldn’t be more different. What we do share is a love of adventure, food and Europe! (more specifically the male inhabitants of that continent)

we look blind here, but we're really just camping!

Joyce Chen: As my last name might imply, I AM asian! However, as I was born and raised in the Heartland, I’m probably more west than east. I’m double majoring in Conservation Biology and Natural Resource and Environmental Science, minoring in Philosophy, but studying Shakespeare at the University of Westminster this summer. I’m single and am going to take full advantage of this European excursion, but my real love takes form as a beautiful German Shepherd puppy back home named Layla Bear Chen. I like to cook, run, make lists, sketch, watch CNN, and eat ice cream with sample spoons. I have an irrational fear of baby ghosts, dolls, clowns, and having a son.  When I grow up, I want to become an eco-hotel magnate, vegan restauranteur, FC Barcelona owner, wildlife reserve volunteer, foodnetwork star, Forbes most powerful woman, and a mom of two.

Emily Henderson:  Unlike Joyce, I am not Asian…unfortunately.  I’m majoring in Journalism, but my emphasis is in Public Relations and I have a minor in Music.  There are very few words that can express how excited and anxious I am for all the shenanigans that will take place this summer.  I live in an apartment with Claire and Joyce is our adopted roommate.  I LOVE people and absolutely hate being by myself.  Going on adventures, exploring unknown territories and camp fires are three things that make me smile.   I love flying kites, wearing sunglasses, eating frozen yogurt, watching movies and singing obnoxiously loud. Peas, moths, mean people, smelly refrigerators and sad things make me sad.  I have never missed an episode of Glee or Desperate Housewives.  I would tell you how many hours I spent watching Ghost Adventures within the last year, but it’s an unfathomable number.   Also, in the near future I plan to marry Michael Bublé and move to Africa with our pet tiger.

In London, we’ll be the blind leading the blind

Claire Jensen: Throughout my childhood at camps and adolescent functions, there were always numerous “get to know you games”, in which I always whole-heartily participated. The most frequent one was always where you stated your name, and then something that described you that started with the same letter of your name. This is where you learn the first fact about me: I have a very limited and sheltered vocabulary. So, when I was told to think of something that started with a C, I only ever could think of two words. Cooties and Cats.  For obvious reasons, I would always choose Claire who likes cats. So that started it. I am now overly infatuated with cats in all forms, whether it be videos, pictures, real life, other animals dressed up as cats, posters, figurines, etc  :). So now that you are convinced that I’m a creepy cat lady, let’s add to the list that I’m an Accounting and Financial Controllership major. Enough of that, I know you don’t care. Some other things I have added to the list of things that start with “C” that I enjoy are: cooking, crosswords, cart wheeling, caffeine, cantaloupe, Cancun, the word crzzzy, cash, chapstick, cereal, Chelsea Handler, and chewing gum. I’m going to keep up the randomness and now tell you that although my previous 4.0 GPA may lead you to believe that I am intelligent in all fields, this is false. When it comes to being cultured in literacy and history, I am not. Ask me to do your taxes, not where or what the Louvre  is. But I suppose that’s why I’m studying abroad. Or maybe I just like the accents…. 🙂

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